The University of Georgia is the oldest public university in the country; a beacon of higher education shining out from the Classic City. Many of us know the joys of UGA firsthand.

Red Clay was founded by Dawgs, employs Dawgs, and now empowers current and future Dawgs through the Grady website.

When Grady contacted us about a new website, we headed for Athens like Herschel to the end-zone. In an increasingly digital world, Grady knew their site needed a top-to-bottom overhaul. We were glad to oblige.

The primary challenge was structuring the site effectively for all of the various types of users. We dove into who would be visiting the site and why. Grady students, alumni, applicants, and professors all use the site and all have unique needs. We used our findings to develop the architecture of the site. The result is a user experience that works for all Grady-affiliated parties.

Our overarching goal was to better represent the spirit of Grady throughout the site. Both the sentimental and structural aspects of the project are evident in the navigation, which we completely revamped to be more user-friendly and engaging.

It was an honor to work for a school that means so much to us personally and professionally. Check out the site at Go Dawgs!



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