Building a Web Presence to Back Up a Consultant’s Expertise: Red Clay announces the launch of Wikifri

As a consultant with over a decade of expertise in the Fintech and IT fields, Bill Frietag’s product is his deep expertise in very complex subject matter. As an entrepreneur with multitudes of connections, Bill is also the face of his business. That means he’s also busy traveling, networking, and giving high-level elevator speeches to many diverse audiences. He needed a digital hub for his prospective clients to learn more about his broad skill sets and innovative services. He wanted it to be easy. He wanted to it be SEO friendly. And he wanted it quickly.


Enter the Red Clay Interactive Team.

A collaborative kick-off created a strategy to deliver Mr. Freitag maximum impact with both content and SEO without over-complicating UX or design. The final website is elegant, easy-to-use, and provides the digital presence to help Bill put WikiFri on the map.


See the live website here: