Tie Down Engineering started with one elegant solution in 1969.  Founder Chuck MacKarvich developed a better way to anchor down mobile homes. This engineering problem—brought to light by a hurricane hitting Florida—was solved in Chuck’s garage. Nearly 50 years later, Tie Down has over 70 patents and is one of the most advanced custom manufacturers in America.

The problem-solving focus of Tie Down’s manufacturing led directly to the core messaging we developed: “If we can’t make it, you probably don’t need it.” Through their equipment and expertise; Tie Down can make virtually anything, no matter how custom the needs.

When Tie Down’s original site was built, it was essentially an online catalogue. The goal was to provide OEM customers with a simple way to find parts numbers and resources. As Tie Down grew and evolved, so did the needs of their site. Now, customers from NASA to auto manufacturers to military contractors are looking to Tie Down for special projects. We needed to make the resources readily accessible for all current customers, but also communicate the brand and industry-leading capabilities of Tie Down.

With so many high-tech elements to the company (they have one of the most powerful lasers in the country), we wanted the design and functionality to feel sufficiently techie. Our revamped navigation and menu helped to show off Tie Down’s capabilities with a clean, visually-supported experience. Shooting the video and photography of the warehouses gave us plenty of quality content to use throughout the site.

We’re excited to announce the launch of the site and are proud to share the team’s hard work.
Check out the site at http://www.tiedown.com/.



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