Well it’s almost Thanksgiving and so we’re almost to the end of yet another year. Next year will be 2012. According to some, the Mayan calendar sets out that some sort of major event will happen. Depending on who you believe, that means the world will end (John Cusack starred in a movie about it) or that mankind will reach some sort of major milestone.

I prefer the second option to the Cusack approach.  Actually, I don’t really much believe in any of that stuff.  But, if you look at how far the internet has come in less than 20 years it’s not too far outside the realm of possibility to think that perhaps we are on the verge of some sort of technological breakthrough that will improve all our lives for the better.

Maybe it won’t happen next year, but I think it’s safe to say it will happen soon.  To a great extent we’ve already done it.  It’s really amazing to think how much our lives have been changed already. I like to think that we will find new ways to bring people together and bring back that sense of community that has for some reason gotten lost recently.

Social media such as Facebook, as far as it has come in such a short time, has only scratched the surface of how we can bring people together online.  It’s probably safe to say that not too many people, if anyone, envisioned something like Facebook ten years ago.  I like to think that the new technologies that we can’t even imagine now will be a part of our lives in the next ten years and will be that much more amazing.  Ten years from now we will look back on Facebook in it’s current incarnation the way those of us who are old enough to remember them look back on the BBS.

From having better customer interactions, to having new ways to get involved in our government, the possibilities are virtually limitless.  I’m very proud to work in this industry and it is my hope and belief that Red Clay will be on the frontline of adapting these exciting new technologies to help our clients businesses grow and prosper.

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