Current research suggests companies can enhance their Facebook presence with customer queries requesting suggestions, recommendations, and inquiries. Queries starting with “who, what, when, and where” motivate customers to respond. For example, the simple question, “What is your favorite product feature?” can trigger an online conversation.

Companies can further engage customers by offering incentives. For example, a customer Facebook “Like” can be linked to a coupon portal. Promotions increase Facebook traffic, which in turn drives customer visits to company websites.

The benefits of enhancing your Facebook presence include more Facebook likes, fans, and shares. Customers who engage in online conversations report a greater sense of community involvement and are more likely to follow companies on Facebook. In addition, improving your Facebook presence will boost your customer reach. For instance, Facebook’s newsfeed feature will display your company’s page post prominently on your fans’ walls. Furthermore, fans who are engaged with your page will be more likely to provide responses.

Brian Carter, CEO of FanReach, reported that 7% of fans on average view a typical post by brands with 10,000-100,000 fans. Some companies reported up to 30% customer engagement after posting to Facebook. In sum, enhancing your company’s Facebook presence is vital to increasing website traffic and maintaining customer relationships online.

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