According to the GlobalWebIndex 2012 Q4 study, Google+ is now the second social network behind Facebook in total number of active users. In a article, Maxwell R. explains that Twitter surpasses Google+ in share of users and growth at 40%, but Google+ has roughly 43 million more active users than Twitter. Google+ has been able to capture market share through its integrated services and has grown 27% in this past month alone.

Search is becoming more social.

Businesses who have adopted Google+ have largely done so because of its potential effects on Google’s search engine ranking.  In a new study from Optify, 58.4% of all clicks are from the top three organic search positions. Every company wants to be on the first page of Google search results, so creating a Google+ page for your business is a smart move as Google streams relationship-based search results to your customers. Google+ is not the only company who has started to do this. Facebook’s new Graphic Search tool has also influenced the way businesses market to their customers. Now, we must consider the impact of online social relationships in the information that will be presented to customers. In sum, business activity on Google+ is vital in marketing efforts in 2013.

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