At Red Clay, we have a lot of opportunities to do some really cool projects.  Some of these you may have seen in our portfolio, but there are others that you may have interacted with and not been aware of.

Chickfila coupon

The other day I was reminded by Yancey about a past project of ours… the free Chick-fil-A coupons you get in the mail!  The coupon system, which was created for a marketing partner of Chick-fil-A, consists of two separate pieces of software that together create a system that allows users to easily create thousands of direct mail coupons that have offers and details customized to each individual restaurant.  Our software, for example, manages the expiration dates and store location information among other things on each coupon.

Another interesting project was a prototype TV app or “widget” that Red Clay built for Travel Channel to debut at CES 2009 on the new line of internet televisions from Samsung.  This project required our programmers to develop on a completely new technology platform, but at Red Clay we never shy away from a challenge.

While behind the scenes projects may not always be as glamorous, it’s really fun to come across something in my daily life and know that it works because of Red Clay.  Our clients also know that our marketing strategies are never held back by technical limitations.  If we can dream it up, we can find a way to make it happen.

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