You may find that we often drill the concept of valuable content into your marketing strategy. It is because great content is so important, and sometimes appears to be a bigger challenge. A recent survey has shown that 87% of US B2B marketers have used content marketing this year as priority in marketing strategy. This percentage has gone up 5% since 2011. Search marketing came in second at 70% (still up 3% from last year) and events came in third at 68% (up 6% from last year) in the prominent marketing strategies used in 2012.

Giving your brand a powerful, unique, and valuable voice is key to content success. Among the marketers spotlighting content as their priority strategy, 69% stated that creating original content was their largest challenge. Having time to create content came in second at 65%, finding high-quality content coming in third at 43%.

What do you find the most challenging about content creation? Is content a priority for you when developing a new website or marketing strategy?

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