Happy Friday!

It’s been a great week here at Red Clay Interactive with a lot of great stuff going on. We’ve gotten a few new awesome clients and I’m excited about all of the great stuff that we’re doing for them.

I wanted to write a simple post today about two websites. I’ve had the opportunity to place advertising for clients on both of them and I wanted to get your opinion.

Last year, weather.com went through a major re-design after they were acquired by NBC. Also, as of this week, Wunderground (www.wunderground.com), another prominent weather website, just went through a redesign as well.

Which site do you like better? I’ve seen press coverage for both sites and ClickZ is a fan of the new Wunderground site as is Forbes, where others are fans of weather.com. What do you think? Also, do you think their target markets are different? And if so, who do they target?

It’s a fan Friday so let us know your thoughts!

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