Mocial Trend Continues

Tailored mocial (blend of mobile and social) communication will become even more popular. For instance, products like Google Now allow us to gain personalized information like a customized traffic report for your morning commute. Also, I predict companies will place more emphasis on selling to the individual instead of the masses by providing a more customized experience through mocial communication.

Tablet Sales Will Rise

Last year, Google and Apple competed to gain more market share in the tablet segment with the introduction of Google’s Nexus and Apple’s Ipad Mini. As more tablets flood the market, prices will decrease and cause a higher rate of adoption by consumers. According to research from Flurry, smart device activations were estimated at an increase of 17.4 million on Christmas Day.

MySpace Will Make A Comeback

I expect Myspace to gain more market share than anyone is willing to bet on. I think the New MySpace will give Facebook a run for its money as it features ways to blend multiple media. According to an article by CBS News, there were 1 million new members after Justin Timberlake bought MySpace in 2011. In addition, MySpace has a music library larger than Spotify or Rhapsody, giving it a strong foundation for success.

Happy New Year! 

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