You know that nurturing leads are the key to maintaining a lasting relationship with your prospective consumer. The main concern is, however, what is the most effective strategy for nurturing these leads? According to a MarketingSherpa’s Lead Generation Benchmark survey, email newsletters are the most effective by 57%. Sales calls following behind by 41% and then whitepapers and thought leadership articles are at 35%. See the chart below for the strategies following these.

This is valuable information to have in order to validate where to place your business’s nurturing efforts. If email newsletters are the most effective, then implementing an email newsletter marketed around the idea of a prospect turning into a consumer is where the main focus should be.

LeadFormax collaborated a great whitepaper outlining important strategies around email newsletters from engaging content down to sender information. Trust is important in sales, and when a consumer is heavily engaged in your newsletters it’s mandatory to look into all details around this strategy. Consumers should have an absolute expectation of what your newsletters consist of. What is your goal with this email newsletter (sales, special offers, company updates?). Make sure your emails also have social media sharing icons so that your prospect base will grow.

If you are looking for more resources on effective email newsletters or email campaigns MailChimp also as a great source of information. Keep this chart in mind when looking for alternative strategies for your lead nurturing efforts.

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