According to a 2012 report by Ooyala, consumers are spending more time watching videos on mobile phones and tablets. Mobile phone views comprise 2.3% of the overall time spent watching online videos. This year, there has been a 53% increase in overall time watching videos on mobile phones and a 72% increase in video views on tablets.

An Ooyala report suggests that “big screens are for big content.” In 2012, 93% of the time consumers spent watching videos on smart TVs, gaming consoles, and set-top boxes was devoted to long-form content. The next highest percentage was on long-form video.  Videos longer than 10 minutes made up almost 50% of the time spent watching videos on mobile phones in Q2 of 2012. Since online video watching has increased on mobile devices, companies should consider building mobile-friendly websites with video content.

About The Data: Data was collected from April 1 through June 30, 2012, and from a cross-section of Ooyala’s global customer and partner database, which includes an array of broadcasters, studios, cable operators, print publications, online media companies and consumer brands. These companies broadcast video to over 130 countries from more than 6,000 unique domains. This data sample is not intended to represent the entire internet or all online video viewers.

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