Instagram allows users to tell their story, display their unique personality, and define their “personal brand” through images. In just seven months, Instagram has reported remarkable growth from 15M to 80M users. Although Instagram is still in its early years, its acquisition by Facebook has increased its growth in popularity. What does that mean for businesses creating their social plan for 2013?

Go through these points before you make a decision about Instagram:


1. Make sure your target market matches the typical Instagram user
 – The largest amount of Instagram users are aged 25-34, resulting in 32% of the total app users.
– The second largest group of Instagram app users is aged 35-44 with 24% of the total app users.
– Currently, there is an even distribution of males and females using Instagram.

2. Consider the mobile usage of your target market
– Instagram is only accessible via a mobile app so your target market needs to be actively using a
– What are your customers’ mobile sharing preferences?

3. Search to see if your brand is already on Instagram

– Are your customers already tagging your brand name or campaign? *use the Explore tool within the
app to find existing hashtags
– If your customers are already tagging your name or campaign, creating an official company account will
boost your reach and allow you to engage your customers through online conversations.

4. Look for your competition on Instagram

– Get ideas for content from your competitors already on Instagram.
– Discover how active your competition is and what their followers are saying about the market.

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