At #Dsum14 there has been a lot of talk about content.  A common theme has arisen and that is one of royalty.

For starters Brent Herd from Twitter mentioned that Content is King and Distribution is Queen.

Then Adam Naide mentioned that Context is the Emperor.

Before we end the day we heard from Jamie Sims that the Story reigns Supreme.

It turns out they are all right. This is exactly how we ought to think of our content.  As we develop as an industry we have slowly moved up the hierarchy seeking wisdom and the ability to make real change happen and we have finally reached the top.

The story is the most important.

The context in which someone experiences the story is next.

Then the story itself becomes important.

Finally how a user is able to share and move the story along through the world will determine how much impact a well crafted and relevant story ultimately has.

Great things already on the first day of Digital Summit 2014.

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