SouthernLINC Wireless

The redesigned brings a nationwide flavor to this local carrier, allowing them to compete more effectively in an increasingly competitive space.  The challenge was for us to bring a modern, high-technology, and consumer-focused approach to a product line of rugged and mil-spec phones.

Sales meeting video intros

90% inspiration and 10% perspiration, these videos were developed for the annual sales convention to set up the main keynotes on the two major sales initiatives for the year.

Promotional microsites

At the core of Push To Talk technology is the desire to be connected. Connecting with others is so innately human that we decided to use a series of stories to show all Push To Talk technology has to offer. From government and businesses to families – PTT puts your network at the simple touch of a button.  This microsite pleased not only our client, but the Web Marketing Association judges, who gave a Web Award for Outstanding Achievement.


MOTOROLA i1 Microsite

The first installment in a series of handset microsites, this site introduced the world’s first IDEN touchscreen smartphone with Push To Talk.  Launched in a time when not everyone over the age of 8 had a smartphone, this site focused on not just the features of the handset itself, but also Android OS and apps, apps… and more apps. Not only did this site serve as a sales tool for SouthernLINC Wireless and their affiliates, but it was also utilized as a resource for i1 owners.


Unveiled in 2010, the MOTOROLA TITANIUM added an upgraded processor and a full QWERTY keyboard to the mil-spec smartphone lineup for SouthernLINC Wireless. It also called for a new microsite. This time the creative was inspired by the phone name, taking a slick, metallic direction while still staying grounded in the parent brand. Additionally, this microsite focused less on general education about smartphones and focused more on what the phone can do and its technical specs.

Our goal: to tell consumers that you can have your smartphone without sacrificing PTT.

MOTOROLA i867 Microsite

With the MOTOROLA TITANIUM targeting the business market, the i867 was released as a budget-friendly handset with more casual users in mind. As the first non mil-spec smartphone in the lineup, our job was to show how this phone could integrate into daily life.

The challenge this time was to take the microsite idea to the next level. In a market beginning to saturate with smartphones, we ramped up the mobile friendly technology and developed a complementary mobile site as SouthernLINC Wireless’s introduction to mobile web development.

We are pleased that our Titanium smartphone site was recognized by the International Academy of the Visual Arts – Red Clay Interactive continues to help us develop marketing components that effectively communicate our messages and positively impact our audiences.

Julie T. Pigott, Vice President of Marketing and Customer Support - SouthernLINC Wireless