Salesfusion has set out to provide marketers with marketing automation software that’s easy to use, intuitive, and scalable. They set themselves apart by offering the choice between “white-glove” professional implementation or DIY options to marketing teams of all sizes.

Salesfusion website

The Challenge

Salesfusion came to us with a need to clearly communicate their benefits to consumers, and the need to create a visually clean and inviting brand. The site had to integrate with a marketing automation platform, generate leads, and be capable of cross-selling products.  We set out to build a website that accomplished their marketing objectives with a generous pinch of approachable brand personality.

Brand Voice and Aesthetic

Our team wanted to paint Salesfusion as a brand that connected with marketing teams on an individual level. When we designed the website, we wanted it to have an open, light, and colorful look and feel to reflect on the brand. The content goes along with this open feel perfectly. The Salesfusion voice is witty and engaging — breaking marketing buzzword-speak paradigms.


The website is very product-centric and shows the full range of Salesfusion capabilities. One of our main objectives in this build was to create an environment where users could learn about the options within Salesfusion and cross-sell their services. Within product information, we also allowed relevant marketing content to be displayed with the products.

Lead-Gen & Marketing Automation

Salesfusion has a marketing strategy that depends on generating leads through an inbound content strategy. The website needed to effectively deliver various types of content to users and funnel them to filling out a form. After the form submission, the site needed to integrate into their marketing automation platform to drive prospects to conversion. The site was designed to accomplish this seamlessly.

The Results

The newly designed Salesfusion site helped move the needle on their marketing objectives and engaged users.


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