RWC is an Australian-based global corporation which encompasses many major brands in the plumbing and fitting markets, both industrial and consumer.


SharkBite, a leading manufacturer of push-fit plumbing connectors and pipe fittings, was looking to update their website in a way that would be both educational to new customers, many of whom are DIYers, while also differentiating their products to plumbing professionals from a host of low cost copies. The intuitive navigation structure allows users to easily find both product information and how-to tutorials.

Localization was accomplished by leveraging a common theme across the different sites – streamlining updates and maximizing performance by allowing sites for different countries to be hosted locally to the country.

The mark of quality

With a goal of reinforcing their brand message, we built a persistent call-to-action which also serves as a quality ad, driving users to a page that illustrates how SharkBite outperforms the competition.

Cash Acme

This site is focused on catering to the trade – getting product specs and data sheets to users as quickly as possible.

Customer centric search

A robust search feature allows users, most of whom have part numbers memorized, to search product numbers and directly get the product information they need.

Sharktech Academy

RWC recently added an online learning component to their already successful SharkTech Academy training. The new website not only represents a more modern look and feel but also an integration with their learning management system. This integration opens up the opportunity for users to not just learn about classroom and on-site training opportunities, but also to find and take courses online according to their schedule.