When we met LeadingAgile they were a young and growing company that had put their existing branding together one small piece at a time. Growing rapidly, it was time to evolve their brand.

Website development

The existing website was little more than the blog from which the company grew. The new site needed to highlight and explain LeadingAgile’s points of differentiation, while embodying the “cowboy” spirit that is such a key part of the company culture and their approach to organizational change.

Front-end iterations

To enhance the storytelling, we leveraged a variety of web technologies to elevate its visual impact and further explain complex concepts that are core points of difference for their brand.

Marketing automation

As a marketing focused organization, LeadingAgile is actively building their lead database. Our challenge is to nurture those leads and identify the appropriate time to make the ask. This challenge spurred the development of two different lead scores that work together to identify where a user is in the consideration funnel, resulting in delivering targeted content and campaigns to users at the right time. These scores also ensure marketing qualified leads are passed to sales only when truly ready.

I’m not one that is impressed easily, but I am consistently blown away by the level of service, flexibility, and creativity I receive from the Red Clay team. After several failed attempts to build an internal marketing capability, I decided to outsource all my digital marketing to these guys. For less than the price of one FTE, I have access to all the technical and creative talent I could hope to have. For a small, fast growing company like mine… the ROI has been clear and immediate. I highly recommend Red Clay and continue to be a client.

Mike Cottemeyer, Owner/ CEO - LeadingAgile