CST Tires

It’s easy to build a website in a vacuum, but that’s not how we do things. Websites are the core of your marketing efforts. Our relationship with CST enables us to tackle the big picture. From brand awareness campaigns to digital and content strategy, we get to play a part in the growth of their brand.

CST website on a Mac laptop and an iPhone

The Challenge

CST builds rock-solid tires for a variety of vehicles and riding styles. They cover everything from rock crawling in the desert to racing through mud in the Appalachians. CST wanted to grow their brand through their customers’ passion for the sport. We had the unique chance to build on that by showcasing CST’s pro team, and highlighting video content throughout the site. We centered the product pages around getting photos, tech specs, reviews, and video content to people on their mobile devices.

It was time to roll up our sleeves.

Our strategy revolved around building a mobile experience for users while they researched putting CST Tires on their side by side, ATV, dirt bike, or bicycle. We anchored ourselves on delivering quality content at just the right time — video, testimonials, industry quotes, and tech specs to give the user a solid understanding of each tire.

We’re fueled by riders’ passions.

CST’s brand was built around passion for the sport. We would be doing them a disservice to do anything less than make people want to get out and ride. Everything from the video content to the imagery, to the copywriting and the visual aesthetic makes you want to ditch your office and go ride the trails.

Sponsored Athletes

CST’s pro team is integral to their brand. These guys live and breathe racing. We showed them off throughout the site, down to the individual product level. We built out rider profiles for each athlete, and showed their tires of choice, race series rankings, and social media feeds.

Mobile Experience

People needed to be able to get quality content and specs on tires while they shopped in a dealership. The team here at Red Clay built this site mobile first. The result? An easy to use, mobile friendly site that brings everything together.

Screenshots of the CST Website

We worked with CST to move the needle.

We didn’t just build this site for the aesthetic — here’s the results.



In a 3 month span, we’ve seen a 37% bump in sessions.



The boost in sessions came along with a sweet bump in users on the site.


Mobile Traffic

Mobile optimizations led to more interaction with CST on mobile.

Experience the Website

Dig in for yourself and experience the the new CST website. We won’t be surprised if you go hop on your mountain bike shortly after. We can’t help ourselves either.  

View the CST Website

Growing the CST Brand

We didn’t stop with the website. Growing passion for the sport and for the CST brand requires a bigger experience. We worked with them to create content, build awareness, and make CST the brand riders ask for by name.


Who doesn’t love smashing stuff — especially by running it over with an ATV? We teamed up with CST’s Adam McGill to make a messy video campaign that you just can’t look away from. The nachos didn’t stand a chance.

Print Advertising

Riders are passionate about their sport. ATV, motocross, and bike riders all have magazines they read religiously, so it made sense for us to bring CST into the mix. Our messaging was built around a passion for getting out into the unknown.

Snapchat Filters

CST has an undeniable presence at races. Their sponsored riders are no strangers to the podium, but we wanted to grow the race day experience through Snapchat. We used custom filters at WORCS and GNCC Races across the country to build awareness of the brand.

Snapchat Metrics

The snapchat filters we used at races across the country wielded solid results.



CST creative was viewed in the filter carousel over 3K times at races.


Conversion Rate

32% of impressions converted by sending CST filtered snaps to their friends or posting to their stories.



Snaps with CST Geofilters where viewed over 36.5K times.