What Is Gutenberg?

Gutenberg PanelGutenberg is an incredible update that’s coming to the core WordPress CMS. At an overly simplistic level, think of sticky notes, where each note is an object (such as a text, a table, page header, an image gallery, a map, etc) that has unique properties, and perhaps more importantly can be rearranged like actual sticky notes.

Gutenberg gives site admin users this ability – to create “blocks” of different content and assemble these blocks in an orderly way to create pages. If this page building concept sounds familiar, it’s because it’s something that WordPress developers have mirrored for years in varying forms, but this feature will now be a core part of WordPress.

Will My Site Change?

While the concept of Gutenberg is pretty established, the transition and rollout plan isn’t. The core WordPress team has acknowledged that Gutenberg will be a future update, and they also recognize that it may compete or differ from existing solutions that are in the market. To that end, there isn’t a definitive adoption plan in place yet. Rest assured, we are as eager as everyone to see how this change can improve the websites we create for clients, co-exist with existing WordPress sites, and maintain the stability WordPress has offered.

What Are The Next Steps?

We know that the Gutenberg change is coming, but WordPress hasn’t determined a final rollout plan as part of their core CMS. We also know that the WordPress team is working with vendors to scope out transition plans, so for the moment the next steps are a “wait and see” mentality as the plan matures and vendors have a chance to react.

We will keep this blog post up to date with any noteworthy developments, as well as notify our clients of important changes as we are made aware. To sign up for these alerts, join our mailing list located at the footer of the site.

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