The Case For Mobile

Of course mobile usage is the entire basis for responsive landing pages in Marketo, but what does “users are mobile” mean?

In the United States, 185 million people own a smartphone, which is a 75% penetration of all mobile subscribers.  Of that 185 million, mobile web users average around 6 hours per day on the Internet is on a mobile device.  It’s easy to see that a large smartphone base and an engaged audience demand a strategy.

Why Responsive Makes Sense For Marketo Landing Pages

One Page, Multiple Devices

Having different Marketo landing pages for mobile, tablet, and desktop is a strategy – however, it’s almost always a bad one. The strategy doesn’t scale very well, and that means time lost for creating duplicate pages for each device. Having a single responsive landing page to create and populate is the most straightforward approach.

Easier Change Management

Landing pages for topics such as registration events, seminars, and workshops can often require updates with event information, creative assets, or copy. Marketo tokens can make some change management easier for things such as copy. However, creative changes are almost always custom, and that means choosing not to update multiple pages, or having efforts duplicated. Updating two pages for mobile and desktop, or three pages for mobile, tablet, and desktop per event is cumbersome. Having a single page to update versus multiple pages means faster updating and accurate information on pages.

Simpler Management

Administrative organization of campaigns and workflow is a challenge – having to manage additional campaigns and workflows for mobile and tablet can be disastrous if not well thought out. It’s also hard to scale properly with mobile and tablet. Having a single campaign with a single page for any device is the most straightforward approach.

Single URL

Having a single URL means that if the page is shared – whether by social media or email –  you can ensure the proper view happens for each device. The alternative is having someone share a page meant for a desktop user, and having it viewed on a mobile device improperly. Having a single URL is also important for social sharing counters, which can be diluted for multiple pages.

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