Developing brands and building great projects is great fun but if those projects are not able to be used by our Clients effectively we have only done half our job.

After a site launches is when the magic really happens. That is where the rubber meets the road and where the ideas that everyone was so excited about during development get vetted and we begin to see how successful the project will be. After launch the excitement of the creative phase passes and the day to day interaction with the site begins. A big test for any project is can the Client actually use the site effectively and will it become the cornerstone of their marketing campaign.

We are proud of our track record of success in this area. One of these successes is John Breakfield of Breakfield and Associates. He and his partners are constantly adding content to his site through his content management system (built on WordPress) to support his SEO strategy, adding video blogs, tweeting, and connecting on Facebook to support his brand. His sweat equity has brought the project we completed for him to life and is a large part of its success. It is very exciting for us From the initial website project to a landing page to brainstorming new and creative social media marketing ideas, we all love working for John due to his collaborative and creative spirit.

We love partnerships and seek out clients who want a partner

We ♥ empowering our Clients and that idea infuses everything we do.


  1. Tim:

    Will we learn more about Word Press at a later date?

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