Last Thursday, Twitter announced its partnership with Vine, an app that allows users to create six-second loop videos. The app is free on any iPhone 3G (or newer) and integrates with Twitter to provide consumers with instant video-sharing. Some even speculate that Vine will become the next Instagram. What do you think…fad or awesome marketing tool?

Big brands like GE and Urban Outfitters have already jumped on the Vine bandwagon. For example, GE posted a video with the tagline “Innovation starts at the drawing board” with someone sketching the GE logo on drawing paper. Similarly, Wheat Thins used the vine app to create a competition between cities.  The Vine video displayed the hashtag for each city spelled out in Wheat Thins. Then, the city with the most retweets won a delivery of wheat thins.

Are consumers ruining this app’s chance to become the next big thing? Earlier this week, controversy arose when videos displayed explicit content. Apple even took Vine off of their featured app list. Vine must control the misuse of their app in order to gain more followers and become known as a valuable social tool.

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