In the past few weeks, Harlem Shake videos have taken over YouTube. How did this craze become so popular? Was it the awesome dance skills or the funny costumes that made you watch the same video over and over again? One time was not enough to satisfy your desire to find your favorite dancer in each video.

Every brand these days wants to make a “viral” video. What if there was a tool that could aid in the infectiousness of your content? The answer may be as simple as using the new app, TubeRank. This unique tool allows users to determine what kind of content its target audience enjoys watching, so they can create a video that is appealing to their audience.


TubeRank was created based on the findings from the research project, LOLProject. The app is structured around  two things: conversation triggers and communities of interest.  It allows you to select triggers such as “LOL” and “EPIC”, interests like “Pop Culture” and “Music”, and even lets you select between UGC (user generated content) and brand specific videos. TubeRank also offers you access to its database, which houses around 5,000 videos specified by adjusting the viral formula.


Obviously, there are other factors in determining if a video will go viral, but this app is a cool start for uncovering viral triggers. VAN, maker of TubeRank, aims to create a whole suite of apps to aid in developing, marketing, and monetizing viral videos.



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