Recently, I have had several clients ask me about the Pinterest price banner they have noticed while perusing Pinterest, so I thought that it would be beneficial to share with everyone some basic information about this Pinterest feature.

Price banners are a nice feature for people in the ecommerce business. The only issue right now is that owners have very little control over the banners. For those of you completely unfamiliar with the mystical price banner, below is screen shot to better help you understand what I am talking about.

The price banner is automatically generated when a price including a dollar ($) or pound (£) is used in the pin’s description (see image right). If you have a “Pin it” button on your website’s product pages, you can pre-fill the description so that it includes a price (and of course you want to put your company name and maybe a brief description of the product). It is important to note that Pinterest users have the ability to overwrite your description if they choose to do so.

If there are multiple prices listed in the pin’s description, the last price in the description is the one that Pinterest will use in the banner. For example, if the description reads: “Buy one for $20, get the second one for $10” the price shown in the banner will be $10.

Well folks, that is the basics on the Pinterest Price Banner. Happy Price-Pinning!

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