A big thank you to everyone who attended the seminar last Wednesday. We had a great time and we hope that you all took something away that will help your business this year. We are also looking forward to our next seminar this summer. Please leave a comment with the topics that you would like to cover in that seminar. Below are some links to some of the items we mentioned in our presentation.

If you have any additional questions feel free to give any one of us a call. Thanks Again!

Meet Your Presenters

2009 Recap

Real Time Search Results

New Search-able Content

Localized Search Results

Free local business directories

**Note: All of these sites offer premium (paid) listings as well. Typically these paid services will move your listing to the top of your category [on the directory website] or will mark you as a “featured” provider. For our purposes here (to pull reviews into your Google map listing) a regular free listing is all you need. If you do want to consider any of the paid upgrades, try a free listing first so you have a baseline to compare to. Then when you pay for a better listing, make sure you track whether you see an increase in leads (use your Analytics tracking program!).

Pay Per Click Advertising

Conversion Rate More Important than Clicks

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