2012 was an exciting year for our industry.  In addition to fun new gadgets and online services, technology and social media are shaping the world we live in.  We had a US Presidential campaign conducted heavily through, and possibly determined by, social media (dubbed the “Twitter Election”).  The notorious group of hackers, Anonymous, left behind their prankster origins and grew into a political action group, helping to defeat the internet censorship bill SOPA and most recently taking on the universally-despised Westboro Baptist Church among many other things.  A YouTube video raising awareness to a human rights issue in Uganda not only led to action by world leaders but completely changed the way we look at social awareness campaigns.

It is hard to capture everything that happened but here is a great infographic from The SEO Company summing up the state of Social Media in 2012:


If one thing in our industry is certain, it is change.  The way we use technology to communicate is evolving at an ever increasing pace and 2013 surely has even more fun in store 🙂

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