Pew Internet has done a study on the search engine engagement over the past year of 2012. They have found that 91% of online adults use search engines to find more information on the web. 59% of daily internet use is done on search engines.

Among these search engine users, Google remains the top source of search. 83% of searches use Google more than any other search engine which has almost doubled from the 47% of Google search users in 2004. Yahoo is the second top search engine used at only 6% which has decreased from 26% in 2004.

When putting forth effort to show up in search results, you want users to trust that you are a reliable source. This study has found that 66% of researches believe that results are fair and unbiased. However, it is the younger search engine users (18-29) who have the most faith in search results. Women are more likely to feel that the results they receive are accurate and trustworthy over men (76% vs. 69%).

Overall, 52% of adult search users have said that search results are more relevant and useful now then they have been in the past. 55% of adult users have also stated that the quality of information they receive is also improving now than before.

The past 8 years have shown growth in the value of search which should be kept in mind when working your way through your companies search strategy.

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