Red Clay’s personal testimonial on the benefits of email marketing the right way.
In looking back over the past ten plus years of successful interactive marketing campaigns we’ve run for our clients, there were many times we were so focused on their success we ignored our own advice. One such recent occasion was with Red Clay’s own email marketing strategy. We spent hundreds of hours planning, designing, and running campaigns that enabled us to celebrate great results with clients, all while wondering where our new business was!
The problem wasn’t that we weren’t doing email marketing, but the way we were doing it. The frequency was sporadic, at best. The topics were timely and important for our clients to know, but often written in a manner that only our interactive marketing peers could understand. And worst of all, the design was flat, boring, and did nothing to entice one to open or read what was sent. Now we all should know that admitting you have a problem is the first step in fixing it, and we did just that.
This new design is compelling with numerous calls to action to direct you to do something. It is also consistent with the brand we’ve built through our website. The information is timely and pertinent to enhancing our relationship with you, our partners. And in addition to giving you great industry insight and advice, we’re also taking the time to share more about us. Who we are. What we’re up to. What we’re doing to stay ahead of the industry for you. And if you received our last email, you know it has only been a month until you received this one. We are committed to being consistent.
So why the bold claim of guaranteed success in my headline you might ask?
First, if you are reading my article now, it worked. I’m at the bottom of this email and it must have been interesting enough for you to read or scroll your way down! Especially considering how much “noise” we constantly receive in our inboxes. Second, and most importantly, I know professional email marketing works because our team traveled to Dublin, Ga. this week to kick off a new interactive marketing strategy and ecommerce project for our new client and old friends at Alterra Networks.
Although company president Jeff Davis has received our newsletter for years, he didn’t always read it. But last month, the new format compelled him to take the time to read every article and he realized that although he had built a very successful IT company, he needed Red Clay to help him take it to the next level. So welcome to the Red Clay family Jeff and Alterra and we hope to welcome more of you soon!

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