According to a September 2012 study by RichRelevance, shoppers who use Pinterest to arrive at an online store spend an average of $168.83. This amount is considerably larger than other social media channels. For example, shoppers who arrive at an online retail site through Facebook spend $94.70, and shoppers who go through Twitter spend only $70.84. In contrast, Facebook exceeds Pinterest in average revenue per referral session by $0.90. Twitter has the smallest average revenue per referral session at $0.80.

When comparing social media tools for socially-driven traffic, Facebook accounts for the largest percentage (86%), followed by Pinterest (11%) and Twitter (3%). The same order applies to page views per session by source: Facebook ( 7%), Pinterest ( 4.1%), and Twitter (2.7%). The statistics on conversion rates from this study suggest that Facebook leads (2.6%), followed by Twitter (1.1%) and Pinterest (0.9%).

*This report is based on data from more than 689 million shopping sessions from January 1st to August 31st 2012.

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