Generating traffic to your website is important, but unless this traffic turns into conversions, you’re missing out. Marketing Sherpa’s benchmark report’s survey suggests that the sources that generate the greatest volume of traffic is organic search by 43% followed by email marketing campaigns by 22%. The smallest portion of traffic website comes in from social media ad placements at 2%.

The survey also suggests that the greatest volume of conversion rates on your website come from organic search as well at 29% followed by email marketing at 25%. Again, the smallest conversion rate traffic stems from social media ad placements at 1%. I was surprised to find paid search was the traffic source with only 12% conversion rate.

When breaking top traffic sources for conversions by industry you will find that organic search remains the top source at 33% for software or software as service industry, 31% for retail or e-commerce, and 33% for education or healthcare. For professional or financial services social media ad placements appeared to be the top converting traffic source at 31%.

Ok, great. So you know generally where your top converting traffic source is. What are the most important fields that you need to collect from your leads on a lead generation form? Marketing Sherpa’s report survey has found that collecting email addresses is most important at 96%. Name follows behind at 89% and business phone number at 51%. They have found the least important information to gather is budget info at 17%.

If organic search is most important to your conversion growth, make sure your website is properly optimized for this. Also ensure that all your contact forms are collecting the proper data like an email and phone number in order to turn that lead into a conversion.

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