MRI software came to us with a stagnant website competing in an industry plagued by dated technology and inflexible solutions. Their brand sets itself apart by offering flexibility and choice, but their website struggled to deliver that messaging to the wide range of personas interacting with their site. Delivering content to convert users required a website that integrated seamlessly with Marketo, and was flexible enough for their team to make changes easily. We needed to create a site that attracted users from search, delivered great content, showcased their partners and tools, and spoke to the pillars of the MRI brand.

Before we prototyped, we researched the competition, MRI brand guidelines, and messaging to get a feel for the space. We used that insight to build a user experience that guided prospects to product information and resources based on their role, market, and needs. We designed the site to feel open and clean, with animation to make the site more interactive as you navigate. The copywriting was tailored to deliver a direct, honest, and pioneering tone. We carefully considered where to introduce marketing content in the user journey. Each page has the ability to feature articles, video, partner content, and downloadable content to guide the user to conversion. All of this was built on a framework that allows for multi site capabilities in the future as MRI expands in global markets. We’re excited with the final product.

See the site for yourself at

MRI software screenshots

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