Getting an MRI is traditionally a huge hassle and expense. You have to navigate through doctor visits, specialist appointments, and x-rays — all to prove to your insurance provider that you actually need an MRI. Then, you pay a huge premium just to know what’s going on with your body.

First Look MRI set out to hand control back to the patient. They offer a “First Look” — a low cost MRI handled without the black hole of insurance approval. This scan includes a doctor-ready video from the radiologist that explains what’s going on in your body.

Our goal was to create a simple, elegant site to explain the First Look MRI process, and to direct visitors to their third-party patient portal and scheduling system. We simplified the website’s messaging to clearly explain their services, and to match the messaging of our out-of-home advertising campaigns. The end-result is a clean, simple solution to quickly convert website visitors into patients.

Check out First Look at

First Look MRI Website on Mac and iPhone

First Look MRI Illustrations



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