Exceptional retail experiences don’t happen by themselves — a huge amount of data goes into placing the right products on shelves at the right time. That’s where Aptos steps in. They may be a new brand on the block, but their team has years of collective experience in retail software. Their first site established the new brand and housed inbound marketing content, but it fell short on SEO, design, and conversions.

Their previous site was hard to navigate, so our team started by prototyping the user experience and information architecture with path to conversion in mind. From there, elegant design and tight writing established Aptos as the thought leader in their space. The new site was built to convert users with quality resources, and took huge steps forward by optimizing SEO content,  buttoning-up the blog, housing marketing content intuitively, and using WPML to reach Spanish and French speaking users. We’re proud of our team and the final product — see for yourself at https://www.aptos.com/desktop view aptosaptos mobile view

aptos tablet view

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