The iPhone 5 became a top trending topic in social media and on the internet. With this much attention towards a new smartphone model, this makes you realize how much the mobile user base has grown. The Pew Internet Project has researched the demographics of the smartphone population. In marketing, you need to be aware of your audience. For agencies like us, it’s important that we are prepared for mobile needs of the client and the consumer.

From this study we can conclude that as a whole, 45% of the adult population own a smartphone. This is almost half of the adult population with the largest age group being 18-29 by 66%. 68% of the adult users have a household income of $75,000+ and 61% of the users are educated with a college degree or more. Knowing that you are attracting a higher income when going with a mobile approach should give the confidence that your mobile efforts are generating solid leads.

Why is this information important to you as a business? First off, when thinking about the layout of your website, does it appear to be mobile friendly? If not, then it would be time to consider a mobile site. If you have one of these users shopping on their phone, or researching a place to go, convenience is most important for the person on the go. Next, you can incorporate mobile into your marketing campaigns. There are QR codes, check-in apps, social check-ins and more. If the demographic of your business is mostly mobile, then it’s time to acknowledge the adjustments you need to make to ensure that you are up to mobile speed.

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