New office, new year, new predictions.

Intel races to offer cable subscription we are all begging for.

Ever looked at your cable or satellite bill and thought, “I wish I could pay for only the channels I wanted.” Well that day may be soon if the processor giant can come to terms with content providers. This would shake up the current cable subscription model of paying for channels in blocks. I, for example, a 20-something that is only interested in ESPN and Comedy Central could pay for just those channels, or small block of channels by the media company. I currently pay over $60 a month for a cable package so I can basically watch live sports. According to a September 2011 article on the New York Post, cable providers pay ESPN $4.69 per month for each subscriber with access to their main channel. I would gladly pay 5 dollars a month for my sports instead of 60. This will come to benefit the consumer as big time cable and satellite providers race to match the prices of plans offered by Intel.

Images speak louder than words, Instagram goes pro for branding

To the dispair of hipsters and food photographers everywhere, Instagram has become huge for brands big and small. For marketers, Instagram is a powerful tool for creating and maintaining your brand identity. For example, Nike and The North Face both use imagery of their products and athletes to convey a certain image and lifestyle. In 2013, brands will seek to build campaigns around services like Instagram, and many will succeed.

Tech Industry goes high PPI

High PPI (pixels-per-inch) displays aren’t exactly new. Apple introduced its “Retina” display in the iPhone 4 and has since installed super high resolution displays in its iPad and Macbook Pro products. My prediction is that this year other manufacturers will closely follow suit. Last year was quad-core processors and the latest OS, this year is how many pixels can we cram in a screen.

RGIII on the cover of Madden ’14

This is not a prediction, this is a fact. The rookie NFL sensation Robert Griffin III has electrified fans across the country and carried his team to the playoffs in his first season.

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