Horizon Table PC

Lenovo launched a new product category called “table PCs” at the Consumer Electronics Show last week. The IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC has a 27-inch touch screen, can be used by more than one person, and can be laid flat to aid in collaboration. Lenovo plans to launch the Horizon in China first and then in the U.S. before summer. The price point will be affordable at $1,700.

Lenovo isn’t the first one to create a surface device. For example, Microsoft launched a 30-inch touchscreen tabletop in 2007 for $10,000. In addition, other companies at CES like Sony, Asus, and Panasonic flaunted their over-sized table tablets. At a predicted price cut of $8,300, Lenovo plans to appeal to a wider consumer base.

This release video displays how the Horizon can be used by families, but this technology can also be  valuable for businesses. From an agency perspective, can you imagine two creative team members modifying an ad together on one piece of technology? The hands-on nature and affordability of the Horizon may lead to a shift in the way agencies collaborate internally as well as with clients.  How do you think the Horizon will affect businesses in 2013?


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