We’ve all studied the evolution of marketing trends. And whether it is a test drive at a car dealership or a free sample in a grocery store, the goal is usually the same: get them to try the product. Because as marketers, that’s all we can do. We can lead the horse to water. We can’t make ’em drink. But in the digital age, getting them to the water is a lot harder than simply marking a trail. So how do we break through the clutter of media to get our product to hit home?

The internet, of course! (Did you think it was a trick question? This is an interactive blog, the answer certainly wasn’t going to be a newspaper ad.) The internet has taken old school one-to-one marketing, like door-to-door salesmen (“Hello, Mrs. Jones. May I come in and demonstrate this new vacuum?”), and given it a modern twist (“Hello, Mrs. Jones. Will you be my fan on facebook?”). The aim is to use a rifle, not a shotgun. To target, not blanket. To connect, not lecture. And no matter the medium, that is how today’s consumer works.

That’s why this new movie, “The Joneses,” is so interesting. It takes the idea of next door neighbor envy to the next level. Basically your neighbors aren’t inviting you over to be nice. They are selling you a lifestyle. And by being impressed, you are hooked. You are drafted into a pyramid scheme called the American Dream, which someone has figured out how to monetize.

So, is this the future of marketing, or is it already our reality? Have you ever noticed your co-worker’s new MacBook Pro? Or your brother-in-law’s new Kindle? Are these people really in your life by chance, or are you just another sale to them? (Okay, that was paranoid, but you get the idea.)

Check out the trailer and post your thoughts below. (Side note: Welcome back, Mrs. Kutcher. We have missed you.)

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