Will the iPad be the next Tickle me Elmo or Furby? At first glance the $500 price tag and glass screen would deter parents from giving their tech savvy bundles of joy the privilege of becoming iPad owners but a second glance shows that this device could infiltrate the educational toy market. Apple has developed with their iPhone a durable scratch resistant coating for their glass touch screens. It is too early to know how Cheerio and Peanut-butter proof the iPad will be but Apple has said that the screens are coated with the same material that makes iPhone so durable in pockets around the world. The stress test below shows just what I mean.

And with “educational” toys commanding a premium, $500 for a toy that can grow as your child grows, from touch screen drawing shapes and letters, to reading books and watching movies, doesn’t seem so high after all. Not to mention that mom and dad can check their email and read the latest headlines while the kids are taking a nap. Cash is 5 years old and he is already a pro iPad user.

I hope that Leapfrog is ready because the educational toy market will never be the same.

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