So you have decided to use Instagram as part of your marketing efforts, now, how do you know if it is working as a win for your company?

Let me introduce you to Statigram is a great tool for not only measuring your use of Instagram, but also guiding you on use of Instagram beyond posting photos. Here is an example of your statistic dashboard:

Follower growth and engagement overall is displayed on the main page. The statistics page breaks down to monthly analysis, content, engagement, optimization, and community.

Monthly Analysis

This allows you to take note on the growth of your fan base. How many likes have you received? What is my follower growth? Who are my top fans? These are a few answers you can find here.


I have found this to be a great tab to take note upon simply because you can see what your top photos are. If these photos are gaining so many likes and comments, then this should be the generally guide of what photos work, and what doesn’t.


Optimization is a win on learning the best engagement strategy. Here you can see the best times to post you photos on Instagram versus your posting habits. They also display how fast your community comments on a photo after you post and how long you can expect that photo to receive comments. The breakdown even goes as far as to displaying which filters you have used are triggering the most engagement. Lastly, and most importantly, hashtags are very important to display in Instagram’s search. The top trending hashtags are displayed for your use as well as the hashtags you have used. They darken your hashtags so that you know that they are part of the top 100 and to keep using them.

Last thing that I would like to point out from Statigram is the “Contest” tab. Contests are a great way to gain followers on Instagram and Facebook. Statigram has made it easy to promote and monitor your contest by assisting with a contest dashboard and tool kit. The toolkit guides you on how to start an Instagram contest and the best ways to increase engagement by linking to all social media outlets from the contest landing page. Considering Instagram is a mobile app, this is great for having a larger platform to work from.

Happy Instagramming!


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