Great websites are interactive. We are well past the days of static web pages basically functioning as online brochure. Today’s user is more advanced, and in turn, demands more from their web experience. This means if your site doesn’t meet expectations, or offer something unique, they’ll find another one (probably a competitor’s!) that does.

The experience of a first time visitor to your site is similar to the first impression someone gets when walking into your store or office. If you knew they were coming, you’d probably make sure everything was neat and in place, fresh coffee was made and pastries were available. You would want everything to be perfect.

With a website, your door is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You never know when you are about to impress a new visitor, or turn away a potential customer. Your best foot must be forward at all times.

One of the best ways to impress on the web is Flash. Flash is a program which allows animation, graphics, text, and video to be incorporated on your site. Flash videos are usually short, and can involve a level of interaction, such as a click here tab or a view more link. When done correctly, Flash can help your website appear professional and high tech, even if you aren’t.

Flash is a product from Adobe, and it is not an easy program to use. If you are thinking of incorporating Flash into your site, you might want to consider hiring a freelancer or a digital marketing agency. But if you want to attempt it on your own, here a few ideas to keep in mind.

When using Flash, as with all marketing efforts, consider your audience. If your target is younger, more web savvy folks, then Flash is a great way to stand out from internet clutter. But if you are speaking to an older user, you may want to consider Flash as a method of reinforcing your point, not as your main communication tool.

Also, Flash is best used sparingly. Too much can make your site seem busy and cluttered. Flash is a great way to introduce users to your site, to explain a complicated idea or to demonstrate your product. Remember, it is probably not a good idea to rely on Flash for everything. Eventually visitors will want to get down to the meat of your site and read good content.

Flash can also be a great way to guide users through your site. If your site is divided into different sections, a flash piece on the homepage can help users decide where they need to go. For example, check out this. (For more helpful guidelines, click here.)

It is important to keep in mind that as of right now, Flash is not really compatible with search engines. So if you have a search engine optimization plan (and if you don’t you should), remember not to count on keywords in Flash being recognized yet. But eventually the internet will rule all and will even read our minds, so this problem is only be temporary.

For some cool examples of Flash check out this and this.

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