Google Analytics is a helpful tool for measuring traffic and customer behavior with regards to your website. One tool that I have found useful in understanding the behavior of the traffic to client’s sites is Goals and Funnels. Goals allow you to measure the traffic to a particular page.  If you have steps that you would like to monitor leading up to the goal, funnels can do that for you. Funnels allow you to set up a sequence of up to 10 pages that lead to your goal. Creating a funnel allows you to see if people are dropping out on a particular step.  This could help you decide if you need to modify that step and make it easier to complete.

Things to determine before you set up your goals and funnels:

  • Goal Name and URL destination. Pick a name that is easily recognizable on your analytics report. The URL should not contain the domain (e.g. for a step page enter /services/ )
  • Steps in the funnel. What are the steps you want to measure in the funnel? List step names and the URL’s associated with each step. You can measure up to 10 steps per funnel. Again the URL’s should not include the domain.
  • Value of Conversion. What is the value of someone reaching the goal?

Steps to setting up Google Analytics Goals and Funnels

1. Click on the account you want to add goals to

2. Click Admin on the right hand corner and the page below will appear
Where to set up google analytics goals
3. Click the Goals Tab

4. Click + Goal to add a goal
Adding goals in Google Analytics
5. Enter the Goal Name

6. Click Goal Type as URL Destination

7. Input your predetermined Goal URL and an association value for conversion.
Input Goal URL
8. Next click Use funnel in the Goal Funnel section and enter the appropriate Steps.

9. Then click Save once all your steps are as you want them.
Adding Goal Funnels in Google Analytics

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