According to Tony Costa, a blogger on, significant threats to the Apple brand exist. For instance, Nokia supplies Apple-quality with its Lumia 920 that will launch this year. The rival Lumia 920 is rumored to have better imaging, location, wireless charging, and NFC into the mainstream than the iPhone 5.

In addition, the launch of Microsoft’s Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 should re-establish Microsoft in the mobile and tablet markets. Microsoft will finally gain the platform it needs to compete against Apple. Although Microsoft may not convert current iPad and iPhone users, the firm has the opportunity to gain more of the mobile market since half of US mobile phone owners do not own smartphones. In addition, most U.S. consumers have not purchased tablets either.

Of note is Amazon’s Kindle Fire, the first tablet to gain market share from the iPad. Amazon drastically improved its position in the tablet market with the launch of two new Kindle Fire HD tablets and a $50 per-year data plan.

In summary, the Apple brand is just beginning to face competition in the tablet and mobile markets. Hence, Apple must continue to innovate and offer superior devices in order to satisfy its customers and maintain its competitive advantage.

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  1. For decades Mac users trumpeted how much better Macs were than PCs. The general public, for the most part, did not care because everyone had Microsoft and that made it easy to use for purchasing software, compatibility with other users, etc.

    Now this behavior is working to Apple’s advantage with the iPhone.

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