I recently found myself in a situation where I was asked to define success. Not an easy task. Thoughts went through my mind that included dollar signs, retirement ages, peer recognition, etc., but in the end I realized none of that really matters. In fact, it is pretty simple. So for what it’s worth, here’s how I define success.
Success for me is defined by how much impact I have in improving the lives of those around me and if that influence carried over into them wanting to make those around them better as well.

Sometimes it is helping a client’s business grow.

Sometimes it is watching one of my children defer to the other.

And sometimes it is in the tears of a friend who needed to hear the truth.

No net worth, title, or award can ever defines success if it is not earned on the back of giving first.

How do you define success?

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  1. Free time with family. Being able to be involved with my kids and do things with them. If I have taken care of clients and done my best in the professional world, the reward is free time to spend with wife and kids.

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