There has been some chatter on Facebook’s new ‘couples pages’. To access this page you go to and there will be all the pictures and interactions you have had with your honey. Similar to this was what Facebook launched in 2010 called “See Friendship” where interactions were pulled from your page and your friend’s page  in order to layout  your relationship in one place.

Although the concept is not entirely new, the way you can edit the page is. From the cover photo down to individual posts, you can edit/delete/change anything on that page. Unfortunately, you need to make sure that if you hide a post, your significant other does too in order to not have it show up. Naturally, in order to have a couples page the other person must accept your relationship request (wouldn’t that be awkward).  If you don’t like having a couples page, then the only way to get rid of it, according to CNN, is to remove the relationship status entirely from Facebook.

Here is a preview of the new Facebook ‘couples pages’:

Unfortunately, the chatter about this new feature has not been entirely positive. The Telegraph‘s women’s editor Emma Barnett states that Mark Zuckerberg is “way off the mark with proactively creating couples pages which automatically curate people’s relationships.” But, not everyone is against the idea. There are those who do think this is an exciting new tool for Facebook.

So, what do you think? Yay or nay for the new Facebook ‘couples pages’?


  1. Nice post really awesome 😀

  2. Nice post Heather. I’ve seen a little information about Facebook ‘couples pages’, but not much. Good to see it mentioned.

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