Facebook’s ad service launched in June 2012 called Facebook Exchange or FBEX. In that short amount of time, it has come to their attention that revenue from ads purchased in the ad service program has been more successful in retrieving clicks based on browsing history than Google. This is a mighty game changer for a lot of paid search users.

A recent article in Bloomberg revealed that Facebook is beating Google in ad revenue from web browsing. According to the CEO of Triggit, Inc, Shutterfly has been making $40 for every $1 they spend. Facebook has been ensuring ads that are displayed on Facebook have been relevant and pulled from browser history to create a click.  Generally, according to Triggit, an ad is generating about 4 times the return on ad biding than real-time bidding, which Google uses.

This is great news for Facebook who had struggled in May when shares were sold to the pubic. There could be an increase of interest in spending money on Facebook if these results remain consistent.

Are you planning on investing money in Facebook ads now that you know how successful the ad service has been running?

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