With all of the buzz in the media regarding the power of social media marketing in Egypt and Tunisia over the past few months, I wanted to share a relatively local story out of Orlando which, again, shows that social media has no limits.

Zero Gravity Gymnastics out of Orlando, Florida was recently shut down as their gymnastics coaches for the school skipped town and ran with all of the parents tuition money, taking all of the equipment in the school with them.

Parents, angry over this fiasco, started a Facebook page, Survivors of Zero Gravity Gymnastics, to become an outlet of parents’ thoughts and actually helped the South Daytona police organize and investigate the case.

To read more about the case, visit the Orlando Sentinel.

There are two morals to this story: 1) angry parents are extremely powerful and 2) social media gives everyone a voice, especially if they are passionate about what they are saying. You just need to give users an opportunity (and reason) to be passionate about something.

Thanks to Kevin Sasser at Company.com for sharing this story with me.

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