E-mail marketing can be one of the most cost effective and powerful tools in your marketing arsenal. In today’s digital world, email marketing is one of the most effective ways to advertise. Research shows email returns over $50 for every $1 invested, compared with just $7 for print.

But many are reluctant to use it? Why? Is a low cost way of reaching out to your customers not a priority? Is the possibility of up selling or extending relationships with current clients not a goal for your company? Is the idea of becoming a knowledge leader in your industry not appealing?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, then just cruise on over to TMZ. (It’s okay, we look at it too sometimes.) But if growing your business during stiff economic times is important, let’s investigate e-mail marketing.

First of all, never send an e-mail marketing message from your inbox. There are too many reasons to list here, but spamming and size limits are the two most pressing. Instead, check out sites like Constant Contact or iContact. These sites help you create your own e-mail that can match your colors and logo. You can also import your contact e-mails straight from Excel with no hassle. And these services keep track of how many people open your e-mail, which links they click and if they forward it along. Try getting those sorts of statistics from your local newspaper ad.

Now, when it comes to messaging, don’t just send an e-mail to be cool. Do it for a reason. A sale. An interesting article. A new service. Anything that is happening in your business or industry could become a topic for an e-mail. Include links and images, just make sure to keep it short. An e-mail newsletter should draw folks back to your site, it shouldn’t bring your site to them. Be brief and leave them wanting more.

Timing. Don’t be that guy who sends out IMPORTANT!!!!! e-mail messages everyday. Because we have pretty much all figured out that you have nothing important to say. And if you keep crying wolf, we are going to block your e-mail ending our relationship. Depending on your business, once a month is probably just right. Twice if you are selling directly to consumers may be tolerated. Any more than that, and you are that guy.

And finally, stay creative. Allow special pricing, early access or extended deadlines for your e-mail recipients. Be informal. Send a funny picture. You know your audience, so give them what they want, and you will have loyal customers for life.

Now, who’s ready to join the revolution? (For a pretty good example of e-mail marketing, sign up for our newsletter.)

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