If you have ever had a conversation with Red Clay president Lance Compton, you more than likely heard some reference to Disney. In fact, he and his family spend so much time and money on all things Disney, we recommend new employees include Disney stock when signing up for our retirement plan. But if you ask Lance why he is so obsessed with Disney, his answer is always the same: Their creative and passionate approach to making every interaction with them “magical”. From their movies and T.V. network to their theme parks and hotels, making their “guests” happy is their number one priority.

So when the Disney Institute brought their “Disney’s Approach to Quality Service” to Atlanta on November 16 Red Clay wasn’t just there we were sitting at the front of the class. Our team was treated to a jam-packed day of learning how to not only define quality service specifically for our company, but also how to implement it over time. The Red Clay leadership team will be working over the next few weeks to put this plan together and roll it out to our team and clients. The goal is to ultimately have a clearly defined “Red Clay Way” of doing everything that our coworkers and clients can hold us accountable to. This formula has worked for Disney for decades and although the implementation has changed over time the core components have not.

Now don’t think we’ve not always been committed to quality service, because we have. In fact, we believe it is one of Red Clay’s key differentiators in our market. We’ve just never defined it in such a simple, easy to understand way like Disney does. Our “Core Values” and “10 Principles of Professional Behavior” documents are valuable cultural guides, but they’re more philosophical than practical. Now it’s time to boil them down into simple, digestible parts that we can easily implement on a daily basis.

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