According to a recent Scanbuy ( report, 16 million barcodes were scanned via ScanLife’s 4 million users in Quarter 2.  The report states that the content attracting the most scans included: contests, loyalty programs, app downloads, videos, and social media. The industries receiving the most scans were toys, health and beauty, wireless, QSR, and beverage.

The majority of scanners are 35+ years old, which represents a 22% increase from 2011. In addition, the percentage of scanners aged 25-34 decreased from 35% to 26%. Conversely, scanners aged 35-44 grew from 20% to 24% this year. Similarly, scanners aged 45-54 increased by 3%, and scanners in the 55+ age range also rose by 2% in 2012.

The majority of the mobile barcode scanners (69%) are male. For the most part, the gender breakdown did not change in 2012. According to a February survey by BrandSpark International, a 77% awareness of QR codes was equally dispersed among males and females.  However, males who are aware of QR codes are 75% more likely than women to have used the code to find product information.

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